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I'm cancelling my home phone, what will happen to my DSL?

That depends, is your home phone a VoIP service like TekTalk or a POTS service like that which you would get from Bell?

VoIP vs. POTS:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service uses your existing internet service as it's medium for conducting phone calls.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) uses a dedicated pair of copper wires which run from your house to the telephone company as it's medium for conducting phone calls, no Internet required.

What will happen?

If you have VoIP service, nothing. Your DSL will be fine if you cancel this type of service.

If you have POTS on the other hand, you will need to contact us so that we can convert your DSL service from a Wet Loop connection to a Dry Loop connection.

Dry Loop vs. Wet Loop:

Traditionally speaking, telephone and DSL services are served through a dedicated "loop" of copper wire which runs from the telephone provider's central office directly to the demarcation point attached to the side of your home (usually a grey plastic box).

When you sign up for POTS service, this loop of wire is connected to equipment at your local incumbent telephone operator's central office (or FTTN remote for FTTN service), this equipment manages your telephone service and is assigned your telephone number.

When POTS service is active to your home and it is connected to this equipment, your loop is considered to be "wet" and DSL can easily be tacked onto it using your existing POTS number. Without active POTS service, your line is NOT connected to any equipment and is considered "dry". 

So with that in mind, if you cancel your POTS service your line will become DRY and your local incumbent telephone operator will eventually disconnect your loop from their equipment that your Wet Loop DSL depends on to provide service.

A Dry Loop connection covers the band rate fees associated with keeping the loop active and prompts your local incumbent telephone company to leave your loop connected to their equipment despite the lack of POTS service so that we can serve DSL over your line.

 Why don't Wet Loop customers have to pay a band rate fee?

They do, it is simply hidden in the monthly fee for their POTS service.

So what should I do?

Contact us ASAP so that we can arrange to get you switched over to a Dry Loop.