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Troubleshooting: Slow Speed (Cable)


First Troubleshooting Steps | Next / Advanced Steps | FAQ / Additional Information

First Troubleshooting Steps

To begin, have you tried power cycling your equipment? If not, please have all of your devices unplugged for at least 3 minutes from the power source. Make sure you fully unplug them from the power source during this time. Please plug the devices back in, starting with the modem.

Next step, try another device after it has been restarted. Often times it may just be the device itself needing a reset or running into trouble.

Check your modem and router location. They should be on their own and not stacked on top of each other or on other electronics. Please make sure they are also in a clear well-vented area.

Is your modem an older model? If so, it may be getting to the end of its life. If it has no built-in router abilities, try a factory reset. You do this by pushing and holding the reset button on the back a full 15 seconds normally. If it works fine afterward and slowly degrades, that could be a sign you need a new one or look into one of our approved models.

Helpful Hint! Some of the oldest models are reset differently. In the modem page at, click on "Configuration", then click "Reset All Defaults" or "Restore Factory Defaults", followed by "Restart Cable Modem". This may take up to 5 minutes to have the modem fully reset. 

Checking the Signal to the modem

The most common reason for the problem is the modem signal and not the speed itself. Following the coax cable from the back of the modem, does it go straight to a cable outlet, or to a splitter?  If you have a splitter, try without the splitter? Disconnect and reconnect your coax cable? If available, do you have another coax cable to try?

If none of these steps help, we need to get inside the modem.

For your information, ideal power levels are as follows:  
Downstream/Forward Path Power Level: -10 to +10dbmv 
Upstream/Return Path Power Level: 35 to 51dbmv  
SNR/Signal to Noise Ratio: 25db or higher  

Open a web browser on the computer and enter or (if you are using your own router and have your modem configured for bridge mode)
Then please check these pages available (Main/Diagnostics or Doscis WAN/Advanced/Event Logs) and compare it to the provided above. The Event logs section is helpful for us if it is not the problem so please take a record of it. If prompted for a username and password, You can leave the username field empty and enter admin for the password. If this does not work leave both fields blank and click Login.

If you notice any of the signal levels outside of the ideal levels that would be the cause. Please contact us in order to open a ticket. It is best if you have that information on hand from the modem so we can quickly open a ticket.

If no changes, please use an Ethernet Cable from your modem to a Device for a test.

We have a helpful video on how to do this here. 

What if I cannot plug into the modem?

If you do not have a device to plug into the modem there are some steps you can try first. Try to change the wireless channels in your router.

Then check if you notice any improvements. If you do, then most likely what you are experiencing is a combination unit/router problem or wireless congestion. The easiest way to fix this is to connect your devices to the 5Ghz network of your router. If your combination unit/router does not have this ability, you may want to look into buying a model with this ability. You may also want to reach out to your combination unit/router manufacturer to factory reset and reconfigure the device.

I changed the Wireless channels and no effect.

Now it is time to take out another common problem, just having too many devices connected at once. Go into your combination unit/router and update the Wireless Network name and Password. 

Now, go in and add one device only and nothing else. Check if the problem is resolved. If so, start adding more devices at that time and going one by one. You may find one is running the connection even not in use this way. An example would be a Smart TV running high-quality streams slowing things down, or a laptop running programs in the background.

I am only using one device now and I still have the issue.

We will need you to get a device able to plug into the modem or a device like a USB to Ethernet Adapter. You can get them at most local retail Electronic stores. They look like the following:


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Next / Advanced Steps

I have directly connected to a device to the Ethernet ruling out all problems

Next up we want to rule out any problems the device itself may be having. This mainly applies to computers as something could be running or taking up your bandwidth.

Is your DNS set automatically? 

Windows: this is found in Network Connections, by right clicking on Local Area Network and selecting "properties". Then, select IPv4 and click Properties.
MAC: Apple button > System Preferences > Network > Ethernet > Advanced > DNS

If they are not set properly to our DNS then please set to Automatic or assign from the DNS pages provided.

Disable your Firewall? This can be done by your System settings or Anti Virus programs.

Reseat Ethernet cable by disconnecting both ends and reconnecting?

Try a different Ethernet cable? Sometimes old cables could be damaged causing the issue.

Do you notice the speed gets better or worse at certain times?

After you have checked and done as much as possible, go to speedtest.net and record your results. Cable internet is a shared infrastructure and as such, every connection on it will directly impact yours. Try to take a speed test during Peak hours (around 5PM to 10PM when most users are home), and Off Peak hours (Midnight to 4PM) to compare. Make sure you record this for us. As we need this to investigate.

We will need you to get a computer or a device that is able to do Pings and Traceroutes for the next part.

The last thing we need is to run this Ping Test Tool while directly connected. Once it is completed, it will generate a Text file. Please make sure you keep this on hand.

I have a MAC Book and the tool will not run!

In this situation, you will need to get the information by hand. Make sure you record all of the following:

MAC: Apple Button > System Preferences > Network > Ethernet 

On the Ethernet Screen please record as much information as possible. It is fine if you take screenshots of each of the sections. Now we need Pings and Traceroutes.

Go > Utilities > Network Utility

Ping tab > Enter google.ca > Set ping number to 50 > Click "Ping" Replace Google.ca with

Trace Route tab > Enter google.ca > Click "Trace" Replace Google.ca with and get those results.

For the Pings and Traceroutes, we recommend giving us a Text file.

I've gathered everything you have asked for!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Take the information you have gathered and open a ticket here.

Here is the exact list we like to see filled out:

Modem signal levels and Event logs.

Answers to the questions Next / Advanced steps section. Make sure to provide the Speedtest results, Ping Test Tool results / or gathered results.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information

  • How long does it take to resolve Slow speeds?

It can take a very long time to get to the root of the problem. It is very important to do as much as possible in order to ensure we know as much as possible. As we do not want to get rejections about it not being a problem on the line.

  • Is my internet package not fast enough?

It depends on your devices, and what is being done in your home. That is why one of the first steps we recommended was to just take 1 device with nothing else. As if you have no problems with one and once you add more you find it slows down, that would be a sure sign your speed is not enough.

  • Can switching service (Cable to DSL) help?

DSL tends to have much lower max possible speeds than Cable internet. While it could fix the issue as it is a dedicated line compared to Cable which is shared, customers will need to accept their speeds will not reach the same kind of pure download speeds at times.

  • Is it my Hardware?

It certainly could be the hardware. As we covered in the basic steps sometimes a factory reset can fix it and then it slowly starts to degrade later. If this happens you may want to look into a new modem. If your modem is a Loaner or still under Warranty please reach out to us first.

  • This is a lot of steps to do!

We are aware, and we do apologize for the lengths it takes. Try to break up troubleshooting for when it is convenient for you. We must have this information to properly submit to our Vendor problems like these.

  • Is it really a requirement to get you all of this?

Yes, we do not ask you for something we are not asked for in return. We cannot open tickets without all of this being documented and sometimes it will take several tickets. It is important to first do the beginning steps and we hope it resolves the issues. We only go to this level when we have no other options.

  • My Ticket came back saying nothing is wrong, what now?!

It is important to keep in touch with us after we update you like this. We will continue to work with you to get problems resolved. We must keep gathering information, trying different things, and working with our customers.

  • Are you sure it could be something small like a Cable?

Electronics spend most of their time active and working. Even a small voltage spike can cause damages to Cables and devices. They do not sleep when not in use. This is why we always start with the basics like unplugging devices.

  • I found I am only having Ping issues to a Game server and not slow speeds all around. What should I do?

You will do the same troubleshooting mostly. The main difference is you need to Ping and Traceroute to the Server / Website on top of the other information. You would open a ticket the same way just with this information included.

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