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Grandstream HT502 Line 1 Configuration

The following configuration settings are automatically supplied to all TekSavvy supplied Grandstream HT502 ATAs.

If you've purchased a Grandstream HT502 ATA through an alternate vendor, feel free to use the following configuration to match your ATA to our tried and tested configuration:


FXS PORT1 Settings:
Account Active: YES
Primary SIP Server: voip.teksavvy.com
Failover SIP Server:  
Prefer Primary SIP Server: YES
Outbound Proxy: voip.teksavvy.com
SIP Transport: UDP
NAT Traversal: NO
SIP User ID: Your phone number. Just the numbers, no dashes. 
Authenticate ID:  
Authentication Password: Your password
Name: Your phone number. Just the numbers, no dashes.  
DNS Mode: A Record
DNS SRV use Registered IP  
Primary IP:  
Backup IP1:  
Backup IP2:  
Tel URI: Disabled
SIP Registration: YES
Unregister On Reboot: NO
Outgoing Call without Registration: NO
Register Expiration: 30
Register before Expiration: 0
SIP Registration Failure Rety Wait Time: 20
SIP Registration Failure Retry Wait Time upon 403 Forbidden: 1200
Layer 3 QoS 26
Local SIP Port: 5060
Local RTP Port: 5004
Use Random Port: NO
Hold Target Before Refer YES
Refer-To Use Target Contact: NO
Transfer on Conference Hangup: NO
Disable Bellcore Style 3-Way Conference: NO
Remove OBP from Route Header: NO
Support SIP Instance ID: YES
Validate Incoming SIP Message: YES
Check SIP User ID for incoming INVIE: YES
Authenticate incoming INVITE: NO
Authenticate server certificate domain: NO
Authenticate server certificate chain: NO
Trusted CA certificates  
Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only: YES
Use Privacy Header: Default
Use P-Preferred-Identity Header Default
SIP T1 Timeout: 0.5 sec
SIP T2 Timeout: 4 sec
SIP Timer D: 0
DTMF Payload Type: 101
Preferred DTMF method (in listed order): Priority 1: RFC2833
Priority 2: In-audio
Priority 3: SIP INFO
Disable DTMF Negotiation: NO
Send Hook Flash Event: NO
Enable Call Features: NO
Offhook Auto-Dial:  
Offhook Auto-Dial Delay: 0
Use NAT IP:  
Use SIP User-Agent Header:  
Distinctive Ring Tone: Ring Tone 1 used if incoming caller ID is
Ring Tone 1 used if incoming caller ID is
Ring Tone 1 used if incoming caller ID is
Disable Call-Waiting: NO
Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID: NO
Disable Call-Waiting Tone: NO
Disable Connected Line ID NO
Disable Receiver Offhook Tone: NO
Disable Reminder Ring for On-Hold Call: NO
Disable Visual MWI: NO
Do Not Escape '#' as %23 in SIP URIL NO
Disable Multiple m line in SDP: NO
Ring Timeout: 60
Delayed Call Forward Wait Time: 20
No Key Entry Timeout: 4
Early Dial: NO
Dial Plan Prefix:  
Use # as Dial Key: YES
Dial Plan: {*98|*80|*73|*78|*79|*60|*69|*31x|*xx[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|*xx1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|310xxxx|[2-9]x+|1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xxxxxxx.|101xxxxxxxxxxxxx.|*75[2-4]x[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|*75[2-4]x1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx}
SUBSCRIBE for MWI: NO, do not send SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indication
Send Anonymous: NO
Anonymous Call Rejection: NO
Special Feature: Standard
Session Expiration: 180
Min-SE: 90
Caller Request Timer: NO
Callee Request Timer: NO
Force Timer: NO
UAC Specify Refresher: Omit (Recommended)
UAS Specify Refresher: UAC
Send Re-INVITE After Fax: NO
Enable Silence Detection for Fax Disconnect: YES
Enable 100rel: NO
Add Auth Header On Initial REGISTER: NO
Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP: NO
Preferred Vocoder: (in listed order)

choice 1: G729
choice 2: PCMU
choice 3: G723
choice 4: G729
choice 5: G726-32
choice 6: iLBC
choice 7: AAL2-G726-40
choice 8: G729E

Voice Frames per TX: 2
G723 Rate: 6.3kbps encoding rate
iLBC Frame Size: 20ms
iLBC Payload Type: 97
AAL2-G726-16 Payload Type: 100
AAL2-G726-24 Payload Type: 99
AAL2-G726-32 Payload Type: 104
AAL2-G726-40 Payload Type: 103
G729E Payload Type: 102
Symmetric RTP: NO
Fax Mode: T.38 (Auto Detect)
Fax Tone Detection Mode: Callee
Jitter Buffer Type: Adaptive
Jitter Buffer Length: Medium
SRTP Mode: Disabled
Crypto Life Time: Enabled
SLIC Setting: USA
Caller ID Scheme: Bellcore/Telcordia
Polarity Reversal: NO
Loop Current Disconnect: NO
Play busy/reorder tone before Loop Current Disconnect: NO
Loop Current Disconnect Duration: 200
Enable Hook Flash: Yes
Hook Flash Timing:

minimum: 300
maximum: 1100

On Hook Timing: 400
Gain: TX: 0dB default
RX: 0dB default
Disable Line Echo Canceller (LEC): NO
Ring Tones (Syntax: c=on1/off1-on2/off2-on3/off3;)

Ring Tone 1: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 2: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 3: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 4: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 5: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 6: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 7: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 8: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 9: c=2000/4000;
Ring Tone 10: c=2000/4000;

Blacklist For Incoming Calls

Blocked Number 1:
Blocked Number 2:
Blocked Number 3:
Blocked Number 4:
Blocked Number 5:
Blocked Number 6:
Blocked Number 7:
Blocked Number 8: