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WebMail: Sending an Email

The following instructions will help guide you through the process of creating and sending an email through our webmail portal:

  1. Click on the Compose button. (found in the top left corner)
  2. Enter the recipients email address in the To field.
    • If the recipient is already in your Contacts, you can click on the + symbol next to the To field and search for the contact.
    • If you would like to CC or BCC someone on the email, click on the button to the left of the To field.
  3. Enter the Subject of your email in the Subject field.
  4. Enter the body of your email.
    • If you'd like advanced formatting options, click on the Text dropdown field (far right of screen) and switch it to HTML.
  5. Attach any files you'd like to send to the recipient by clicking on the Attach from Local Disk button (found in the bottom center of the screen), then search your computer for the file you'd like to add and click Open.
  6. Click on the Send button.

Saving a Draft

If you've written out an email but decide you'd rather not send it at this time, simply click the Save button instead of the Send button. The message will be saved to your Drafts folder.

Advanced Options

The following advanced options can be set for an email by clicking on the Options button. (located in the bottom right corner)

  • Request read confirmation
    • When the recipient opens the email they will be prompted to send a read receipt. If they agree to send the receipt, you will be sent an email indicating that they have read your email.
  • Encrypt the message
    • By selecting this option your email will be encrypted. This makes it harder for someone to intercept and read your email message. This is an advanced option which requires proper setup with the recipient.
  • Digitally sign the message
    • This allows you to attach a digital signature to your email. Digital signatures give recipients confidence in that you are who you say you are. You will need to supply your own certificate for this option to be available.
  • Show Delivery Report
    • If this is enabled you will be advised of the successful delivery of your email message.
  • Priority
    • This allows you to set the priority of your email to High, Normal, or Low allowing you to indicate the urgency of the email.
  • Spell checker
    • This allows you to change the language that your email will be spell checked in. Currently only English is supported.
  • Save sent messages
    • This allows you to determine if you want to save the message to your sent folder, not at all, or to a folder of your choice.
  • Reply to Address
    • This allows you to set the email address that replies will be directed to when the recipient presses the reply button. Useful if you are sending a message but require responses to go to another email address.