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WebMail: What's New!

Welcome to our new and improved webmail! We hope you'll like it. On this page you'll find a brief overview of what has changed.

Old Login Page:

New Login Page:

Old Language Selection Screen:


New Language Selection Screen:

Old Interface Selection:

New Interface Selection:

Old Forgot Password Screen:

New Forgot Password Screen:

Old Item List:

New Item List:

Items (mail, contacts, calendar, etc.) are now represented by icons down the left side of the page. This opens up more room for you to view your emails in the preview pane and expands the number of visible messages in the message list.

Old Compose Email Screen:

New Compose Email Screen:

The new compose email screen offers up a more stream lined layout, making your emails more comfortable to create and send.

 Old Right Click Menu:

New Right Click Menu:

Old Personal Options Screen:

New Personal Options Screen:

The new personal options screen offers a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

Old Contacts Screen:


New Contacts Screen:

The new contacts screen offers a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

Old Calendar:

New Calendar:

The new calendar gives you more options. You can now choose between several different views including day, week, month, and list views.

Old Folder Interface:

New Folder Interface:

Old My Details Screen:

New My Details Screen:

The new My Details screen has a cleaner and more visually appealing layout. To access, click the silhouette icon and select My Details.

Old Search Functionality:

New Search Functionality:

The new search functionality is available where ever you need it. No longer do you need to open a new window just to perform a search.

What's New Screen:

The first time you log on you'll be presented with this screen. It'll give you another overview of many of the changes in our new webmail client. If you decide you want to give the new interface a go, just click switch.

Revert to the Old Interface:

We love our new Webmail interface but we certainly understand that some people may not agree. If you don't like the changes we've made, hover over the silhouette icon and click Switch to Old Interface.