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Price Change FAQ

Here is an FAQ to help answer your questions in regards to the Price Change email sent to customers on January 15th, 2015


Why is TekSavvy increasing its rates?

We have noted a significant increase in usage (capacity used) since the beginning of last year. This means that generally, as we use the Internet more frequently for things like streaming, gaming and downloading, the price we all pay for Internet is going up.

What services are affected?

The majority of our services are affected by this change. Not everyone will receive the same change to their Internet package; some will receive a speed change to bring us in line with incumbent tariffs, some will receive a usage change, and some will receive a price change.

When will my price change?

Your price change will start on your first invoice after February 15th, 2015.

How can I change my package?

You can call us at 1-877-779-1575 or you can make the change through the MyAccount portal.

Where can I find more information about the rates that 3rd Party ISPs pay to incumbents?

You can visit the CRTC website to see all proceedings that are related to our business.

Why is my speed changing?

Your speed is changing to keep us in line with incumbent tariffs. Incumbents regularly change the line speeds that we can offer our customers. If you are receiving a speed change, it reflects newly-tariffed speeds.

Why is my usage cap changing?

In most cases, your bandwidth cap will increase with this change.

  • On the lower bandwidth tier of 75 GB, the cap has increased to 150 GB (“Lite”); and
  • On the 300 GB tier we are increasing the cap to 400 GB (“Pro”).

We’ve changed these caps to remain competitive in the marketplace and to provide our customers added value with their service. Our “Unlimited” bandwidth packages will not receive a change in bandwidth cap.

Will I require a new modem?

In most cases, you will not need a new modem. In the case that you opt to change your speed or connection type, you may need to use a new a modem.