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Just what in the world are we talking about? Take a look at our glossary and get savvy about our Internet and phone product terms.

The acronym for asymmetric digital subscriber line, ADSL uses copper telephone lines, and makes telephone and Internet use on the same line at the same time possible.

This is data capacity, measured in megabits per second. TekSavvy offers a range of bandwidths.

Busy Call Return
Be notified when a line you are trying to call is free.

Call Answer
This lets callers leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone.

Call Answer Message Manager
Have up to 3 additional private voicemail boxes as part of your Call Answer service, plus many other enhancements.

Call Control
Call control gives you peace of mind and a sense of security when it comes to billing by controlling outgoing calls made from your home. It gives you the ability to block different types of calls, such as all international and domestic long distance calls, as well as specific local numbers and all 900/976 numbers.

Call Display
See who's calling before you decide to answer.

Call Forwarding
This allows you to forward incoming calls to any other number. (Long Distance charges may apply.)

Call Privacy
Block all incoming calls from unknown callers.

Call Privacy with Call Answer
Block all incoming calls from unknown callers but callers can leave a message.

Call Screen
Selectively block up to 12 unwanted callers.

Call Waiting
When you're on the phone, you are notified of another incoming call.

Domain Name Registration
You register a domain name, “something.com” or “something.ca” for instance, so only you can use it on the Internet. TekSavvy offers domain name registration, billed yearly.

Dry Loop
This is a service for a location with no telephone number. A dry loop, rather than a phone line, carries the Internet to you. TekSavvy provides dry loop connections for its DSL services.

The acronym for Digital Subscriber Line, DSL is a way to transmit digitalized information over a telephone line. TekSavvy offers a range of DSL speeds and bandwidths.

A filter is a small electronic component that fits between your phone jack and telephone. With DSL service, all devices on that telephone number, except the modem, must be filtered. The filter protects the phone from high frequency noise, as well as protects the DSL signal from noise contamination added by telephones. TekSavvy offers filters at a low one-time charge.

Once you have a domain name, you need someplace to “put” your website.  Hosting associates your website to your domain name. TekSavvy offers hosting for your personal or business website on your choice of a monthly or yearly basis.

Ident-A-Call Primary
Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring.

Ident-A-Call Primary + cb Call Forward
Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring, plus forward incoming calls to any other number.

Ident-A-Call Secondary
Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring.

Ident-A-Call Secondary + cb Call Forward
Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring, plus forward incoming calls to any other number.

This is the acronym for independent Internet service provider. TekSavvy is an IISP.

The acronym for Internet protocol, an IP is a number identifying every device used on the Internet. Your modem, your computer, your printer, and anything else you have that “participates” on the Internet, has an IP address.

Last Call Return
Return your last missed call.

Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol

A packet is a small capsule of data (imagine a Tylenol capsule filled with medicine). Header information is included at the beginning of every packet sent and received on a network and tells the network how to deal with that packet; it is the basics of where it came from and where it is going.

Plain old telephone service: this is the telephone service you (or your grandmother, depending on your age) grew up with.

The acronym for point-to-point protocol over Ethernet, this is a way to connect inside a network.

Modem is short for modulator-demodulator. A modem adapts, or modulates, data so it can be transmitted. In some cases, you may use your own modem for TekSavvy services, and in others you need to buy or rent them from us.

Short for subnetwork, a subnet is a division of an Internet protocol network. TekSavvy offers subnets with your ADSL service.

Three-Way Calling
Talk with two people in different places at the same time.

Toll Restriction
You can control your long distance spending at no charge by restricting 1+ and 0+ long distance.

TPIA is the acronym for Third Party Internet Access, which is what TekSavvy falls under for Internet Service Providers.

Tripod and Mast
These are pieces of equipment that support the dish you use for wireless Internet. TekSavvy offers tripods and masts for your Sky Fi service.

Visual Call Waiting
When you're on the phone, you can see who's calling and decide which call to answer.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also known as Internet Telephony. It is a method of sending voice information in digital form. Teksavvy’s TekTalk uses VoIP.

This covers inside wiring repair of DSL Internet service, up to the modem. It covers inside wiring and jacks for normal wear and tear or accidental damage, including damage by pets. Diagnosis and repair or replacement are performed by competent technicians.