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Cisco DPC3848 Firmware Update Light Sequence

On October 19th and 26th, 2016 at 4:00am EDT, we will be rolling out a firmware update to all Cisco DPC3848 modems which are currently running firmware version dpc3800-v303r2042161-140428a. This update will address the intermittent wireless connectivity issues that many users have experienced with this modem.

The update process will result in five to fifteen minutes of downtime. During this downtime, the modem should proceed through the following sequence of light patterns:

Important: Do NOT unplug, power off, or reset your modem while this update is in progress!

  1. The modem will automatically power cycle (power off, followed by power on) and go through the startup cycle.
    • The Power light will turn solid GREEN.
    • If there are any active devices plugged into any of the 4 Ethernet ports, their corresponding lights will flash briefly on the modem at start-up.
  2. The Wireless 2.4G and 5G lights will light up and hold steady GREEN.
  3. The DS light will begin flashing GREEN to acquire the downstream signal parameters and will eventually turn solid GREEN.
  4. The US light will then begin flashing GREEN to acquire upstream channel parameters and will eventually turn solid GREEN.
  5. The Online light will begin to flash ORANGE to acquire the provisioning and configuration information for any changes required from the CMTS.
    • During this time, the modem will check to see what devices are connected via the ETH ports (1 to 4).
    • Both DS and US lights will flash together briefly while this occurs but will return to solid GREEN.
  6. The Online light will then begin to flash GREEN during the download process for the configuration.
  7. The Online light will become solid GREEN as both the DS and US lights begin to flash GREEN together to indicate the update is occurring. These lights will continue to flash for at least five minutes.
  8. Power, DS, US, ONLINE, Active ETH (1 to 4), 2.4G, and 5G lights will turn solid GREEN and remain in this state for at least 15 seconds.
  9. 2.4G light will turn off, and then 5G light will turn off
  10. The modem will shut down, reboot, and start up as it normally would.
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