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Port Forwarding for TekTalk

Sometimes with TekTalk, if a Router is in front or a Combination unit it may not function properly. This can cause intermittent calls, drop in calls, you can call out but no one call in, or even no service at all on your ATA.

The following are steps in order to open up the ports on your modem/router combo to allow the info from the TekTalk ATA to function optimally:

1. First thing is to get into your modem/router's interface.
2. Second, you want to identify the IP address the modem/router is assigning the ATA. It's usually a 192.168.X.X number.
3. Once identified, you want to locate the NAT or Virtual Server function on the modem.
4. Here it will allow you to create "rules" (essentially just a command in the modem to open up a certain port or groups of ports).
5. You will be creating 3 different rules. In each rule, it will ask you the protocol "type" you want to let pass, in this case, you want both TCP and UDP to pass for all 3 rules.
6. After this, it's going to ask you for 2 things: a start and finish inside port and a start/finish outside port. The important part is the inside start/finish ports. The outside ports will either fill themselves in by themselves or not fill in at all at which point they are meaningless and just leave them be.
7. The last piece of this puzzle will be to add in the IP address of the ATA found in the modem.

So, for example, your "rule" will look something like this:

IP Protocol Start/End Internal Port  Start/End External Port TCP/UDP   443/443  443/443 TCP/UDP  5060-5080/5060-5080    5060-5080/5060-5080 TCP/UDP  16384-16482/16384-16482 16384-16482/16384-16482

Like mentioned, this is an example, but a very realistic example. This is just about what your rules table will look like once completed. With the exception of the IP address, your table should look something very much like this.

Now in terms of ports that need to be opened, you need to open port (443) and two groupings of ports (5060-5080 & 16384-16482)